Enjoy Great Tequila with a Traditional Sangrita Chaser

Not to be confused with sangria, sangrita (meaning “little blood”) is relatively unknown in the United States. This traditional Mexican chaser contains no alcohol, but rather a simple mix of juices and spices designed to be consumed alongside tequila – alternating sips to cleanse and brighten the palate as you imbibe.

Sangrita is sweet, spicy, and savory all at once. When you combine great tequila with delicious sangrita, the experience can be sublime. 

Tequila culture is different in the country of origin. In Mexico, great tequilas are meant to be sipped and savored neat, and occasionally enjoyed in a favorite cocktail.

Shooting tequila and washing it down with a beer and a frown feels like a right of passage in America. But most don’t know it’s a relic of drinking mixtos a lower grade tequila mixture, commonly consumed as Cuervo Especiale Silver or Gold with labels reading “Made with Agave.”  They don’t tell you what else?! 

Cuervo Especiale is still the number one tequila in America, so if your still drinking this stuff on the regular, read on.

For a few dollars more you can buy real tequila made with 100% blue weber agave and avoid the harsh taste and massive sugar-induced hangovers that comes with consuming lower quality spirits.

Sipping Tequila Reposado with a side of Sangrita

Traditionally, tequila chasers were not intended to be foul-taste erasers, but a palate cleaner for experiencing high quality agave spirits.

There are an endless number of sangrita recipes, but it is typically a combination of orange juice, lime juice and chili sauce. Sangrita is traditionally served with white, silver or blanco tequilas, but sometimes reposado.

In the next episode, we will reveal some special sangrita recipes from our favorite chefs. Ones you can make right at home.




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