Can OMAGE artisanal brandy beat out French Cognac in a Blind Taste Test?

History says, yes! 

Forty-six years ago, the French wine establishment pitted some of the finest wines in France against unknown California wines in a blind taste challenge. Most saw the outcome as virtually guaranteed. Or, so they thought. 

[The question remains, can a Cognac-inspired spirit called OMAGE do the same for California brandy?]

Time for the Judgement of Cognac!


The Judgement of Paris (continued)


Few knew, the Paris wine tasting that made California wines world-famous, over a generation ago, was a publicity stunt. Thought up by an Englishman wanting to drive more customers to his Paris wine shop. The star-studded blind wine tasting is famously known as The Judgement of Paris.


On May 24, 1976, the Englishman, Steven Spurrier and his American associate, Patricia Spurrier, staged the blind tasting to showcase a selection of California wines that were increasingly capturing attention and praise.


Spurrier tapped nine of the most respected names in French food, including sommeliers from the best French restaurants in Paris; the head of a highly regarded French vineyard; and Odette Kahn, the editor of the influential Revue du vin de France (The French Wine Review).



To everyone’s amazement, when the scores were tallied the top honors went not to French vintners, but to a California white and red wine: the 1973 chardonnay from Chateau Montelena, and the 1973 cabernet sauvignon from Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars


The Judgement of Cognac is Here!


Encouraged by the growing popularity of premium French brandy, especially Cognac, a new cognac-style American brandy has emerged with the opportunity to change the perception of California brandy. 


Become an official (WS&J) spirits taster at The Judgement of Cognac. 



The OMAGE vs. Cognac Taste Challenge


You can’t call OMAGE Cognac because it’s not made it France. 

OMAGE has reduced the sweetness that you get in the value priced brandy’s while at the same time balancing the oak flavor that you get from the Cognac brands. OMAGE boasts that they have achieved the ultimate balance for the perfect taste taste.

The Wine & Spirits Journal is tapping Cognac and brandy lovers alike to taste and see for themselves. 

Does this new Cognac-style artisanal brandy from California have what it takes to change your perception? You be the judge and we’ll be there to watch.

Either way, we guarantee that Cognac and brandy lovers everywhere will be the real winners of this glorious pursuit of perfection.




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