Whole lotta’ Shaking Going on: The Awayuki Strawberry Gin Fizz

Awayuki Gin Fizz is a spin on the Ramos Gin Fizz. @Perkana NYC restaurant bar and lounge

Stopped in to see what Dean, the owner of Pekarna on the Upper Westside of Manhattan has shaking with Awayuki Strawberry Gin and happy to say it was well worth the trip.

The Awayuki Strawberry Gin Fizz is a twist on the Ramos Gin Fizz, first mixed in 1888 by Henry Charles “Carl” Ramos at the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans. Considering the frothy-foamy drink has been both loved and loathed by bartenders for more than 100 hundred years, we were curious to find out where Pekarna was headed with all this. 

The original Ramos hired a team of shaker men to keep up with the steady demand posed by locals and tourists. Sounds crazy, but the recipe calls for it to be shaken for 10 minutes or more to get it just right. A job for Popeye.  

But Dean proved himself to be quite the technologist and when he flipped the switch, he changed the game. Pekarna now uses machine technology to match the strength and speed of ten men, shaking the Awayuki Strawberry Gin Fizz to perfection each and every time.

The drink comes at a premium. But not surprising when this Ramos Gin Fizz is made with a Japanese Gin infused with the most expensive strawberries on earth. Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness has never tasted an Awayuki strawberry gin fizz.



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