TEITESSA is the One Rare Japanese whisky You Need To Try

The Japanese designed "Sato Still" has the appearance of a beehive
The Japanese made "Sato Still" with its signature beehive design

When the master distiller of Teitessa began making whisky more than sixty years ago, he had one goal in mind:  Create an expression that is 100% real Japanese whisky in both character and method. 


Whereas Scotch whiskies use the traditional copper pot still for distillation – as do the majority of Japanese whiskies today – the makers of Teitessa went a step further to perfect their own. The masterful invention was called the Sato still, named after the father of the Sato family that invented it. 


Mr. Sato started making Japanese whisky for his friends and family at great personal expense in 1961. It took him 8 years to complete the still design and as you can see here, it takes on a beautiful beehive appearance. 


Satoshi Kai, the Master Blender at Sato Distillery Inc. continues to use the Japanese-designed still to this day.


“It is different from a traditional copper pot still. The beehive shape helps control the evaporation speed and the elements we want to maintain: in our case, capturing more of the head and heart of the spirit…”



Master Blender, Satoshi Kai

Satoshi_Kai_Teitessa_Master_blender, holding Teitessa 100% real Japanese whisky
Satoshi Kai, Teitessa Master Blender, Sato Distillery, Inc.

“A fine whisky like TEITESSA is like a true friend. Rare and hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget”. 太太 TEITESSA is the only rare Japanese whisky born from this philosophy:


Tasting Notes:

Types of Barrels: Matured in Spanish Oak, American White Oak, Limousin Oak

Appearance/Color: Golden 

Nose/Aroma: Deep Tannin

Palate/Taste/Flavor: Top Note Unique to Oak Barrels, Thick, Soft, Hint of Sweetness

Finish: Woody, Perfect Balance of Aromatics 




Tasting Notes:

Types of Barrels: Matured in Spanish Oak, American White Oak, Limousin Oak 

Appearance/Color: Golden

Nose/Aroma: Deeply Aromatic, Elegant and Soft

Palate/Taste/Flavor: Layers of Dried Fig Jam, Toasty

Finish: Beautiful Spicy Finish




Tasting Notes:

Types of Barrels: White Oak

Appearance/Color: Golden

Nose/Aroma: Fragrant Floral, Caramel, Tree Fruits, Vanilla

Palate/Taste/Flavor: Velvety, Melon, Toasted Almonds, Tart Apple, Oak, Sherry

Finish: Clean, Bright




Tasting Notes:

Types of BarrelsMatured in Spanish Oak, American White Oak, Limousin Oak

Appearance/Color: Golden

Nose/Aroma: Floral Aromatics that Delight Senses

Palate/Taste/Flavor: Delicate with Subtle Hints of Dark Chocolate and Vanilla

Finish: Elegant, Nicely Balanced 




Tasting Notes:

Types of Barrels: White Oak

Appearance/Color: Golden

Nose/Aroma: Mellow Fragrance

Palate/Taste/Flavor: Refreshing, Faint Sweetness

Finish: Pleasant, Fruity, Lingering




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