Cognac-inspired artisanal brandy, made in California

The Best Cognac-Style Brandy Begins, But Does Not End in France!

Cognac-inspired artisanal brandy, made in California

Handcrafted in California’s legendary grape-growing region called the Central Valley, OMAGE is the new cognac-inspired artisanal brandy that is challenging the taste expectations of Cognac lovers, brandy connoisseurs and savvy spirits drinkers alike with this transcending new spirit. Today, the best cognac style brandy begins does not end in France. 

California vineyards have a reputation for producing some of the best wines in the world. OMAGE, the artisanal brandyhas made the same leap forward. A new spirit has emerged that is cultivated, distilled and aged in the same fertile California soil and climate. And once you’ve taste it, the transformation will be complete. 

The harvesting of grapes, distillation and aging process are all the same as Cognac. So what has changed?


For starters, more varieties of grapes and a highly suitable climate. Just like fine wine, California produces many of the world’s finest grapes used for distillation––Cognac grapes included! But it doesn’t end there.  


The French Connection is Losing Its grip

Climate Change is devastating French Cognac Grape Vineyards

The Cognac shortage is real and buoyed by a number of factors, including interruption in the supply chain from the pandemic, climate change that has impacted the growing season, and bouts with severe weather that have reduced grape yields. 


What’s more, increasing customer demand at a time when nearly all French Cognac brandy is imported to America. In fact, a whopping 97%! All tolled, these new realities have helped drive Cognac prices through the roof.  


So, if your wallet’s been taking a hit lately, or you’re finding it harder to locate your favorite bottle, now you know why. But also know there is a new delicious alternative called OMAGE that just arrived in time for the holiday season. 





The French zealously guard the name “Cognac” to protects their own growers and industry. If it’s not made in France it cannot be called Cognac! But is it all just an illusion?



All brandy, including Cognac, begins with fresh un-aged wine. After distillation the liquid is perfectly clear ––as is every distillate, also called eaux de vie. The color and much of the flavor comes from the oak barrels in which it ages: a period that can last anywhere from two years to a hundred years or more.


OMAGE artisanal brandy is inspired by Cognac’s glorious history and tradition. But it’s not made in France and that’s probably be a good thing.


Makers of cognac-style brandy outside of France can use the eaux de vie or ‘water of life’ from any grapes they choose. The added flexibility is the elixir for creating artisanal cognac-style blends. Cognac-style brandy follows the same standards of distillation and aging as brandy from France. Additionally, Artisanal brandy delivers many of the great flavors people are drawn to with wine and is quite compatible with food.

The name OMAGE is inspired from the word “homage,” meaning something that shows respect or an expression that is held in the highest regard. The  new OMAGE artisanal brandy is a clear testament to America’s passion for French Cognac Brandy!


From a taste perspective, we have reduced the sweetness that you get in value-priced brandy, while also balancing the oak flavor that you get from Cognac. We believe OMAGE has achieved the perfect balance.” 

– Julious Grant, OMAGE brand purveyor 


OMAGE artisanal brandy uses the same age marks as those applied to French Cognac Brandy by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC).

This Cognac-inspired artisanal brandy is produced in the classic California style, meaning grapes are selected for their prime ripeness. The varietal of grape aromas, captured during vinification and distillation, are hallmarks of OMAGE and core to their artisanal brandy-making technique. 

OMAGE uses varietally expressive grapes and fruit-forward ripeness, including, but not limited to traditional Cognac-style grape varieties. OMAGE uses unique distilling methods that include both pot and column stills and multiple grape varieties that are blended with delicate care and precision. Their use of charred, toasted bourbon barrels moves OMAGE another step ahead in artisanal brandy innovation. 


Try OMAGE neat over ice or in a classic cocktail to experience this new testament to America’s passion for French Cognac Brandy!





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  1. Got to sample the wonderful Omage brandy. I was impressed by the bottle but like my mom said when I bring a new girlfirend around “its what’s inside that counts”. I found it to be far superior to the other american brandies and more than comparable to the usual french cognacs (eg. Hennessy, Remy, Courvoisier). At the end of the day, I prefer to have a better dram AND more money in my pocket than not.

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