Haiken Lychee fruit flavored Japanese Vodka

Haiken Lychee Flavored Japanese Vodka Makes the Ultimate Lychee Martini

Haiken Lychee infused and Yuzo infused Japanese Vodkas

Haiken Lychee flavored Japanese vodka is truly a one hit wonder when it comes to making the ultimate lychee martini.  Our dinner parties usually start with a cocktail, and this one kicked-off with a lychee martini made with Haiken. 

My friends all agree that Haiken Lychee flavored vodka was way better than they expected. Refreshing, fruity and simple. No more canned lychee juice, it is now just Haiken lychee flavored vodka and shaker full of ice. One and done! 

The taste of lychee can be best described as a cross between strawberry and pear, or pear and watermelon, with notes of citrus and rose water that reveals a fruity aroma. Haiken Lychee delivers!

Lychee is a small ping-pong ball sized tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and very popular in Japan. The outside is rough and red, and the inside has a transparent white coloring with a large seed in the middle.

Lychee is a ping-pong ball sized fruit native to Southeast Asia
Lychee is a ping-pong ball sized fruit native to Southeast Asia
Yuzo is fragrant and tart, somewhat akin to lemon and citron.
Yuzo is fragrant and tart, somewhat akin to lemon and citron. It is rarely found outside Japan and Korea.

A few weeks later I brought Haiken fruit flavored vodkas over to the owners of Pekarna on the Upper Westside and Verlaine bar on the Lower Eastside, a spot known for their lychee martini happy hour. Both were impressed, with Perkana ready to add it to their drink menu this fall. 

So instead of using canned lychee juice and well vodka, like the ones you might consume at popular happy hour bars around town, simply fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice and add Haiken Lychee flavored Japanese vodka. Shake well and serve.

What Do the Makers of Haiken Japanese Vodka Have to Say?

On a highland expanse near Mt. Katsuragi is the home of Haiken vodka, where thousands of azalea bloom in pinks and reds bloom in May

About this handcrafted vodka made near Mt. Katsuragi in Nara prefecture, there are two things Haiken will not compromise on: water and rice.

The water flows from Kitsuragi and the rice is nurtured in Hyogo. This insures that the vodka, no matter how innovative, always maintains the legacy and roots of its origin.”

The makers of Haiken also note that any settling deposits that appear are naturally occurring from fruit infusion, so it is best to shake well before mixing or serving. 



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