New Awayuki Strawberry-Infused Japanese Gin Is an Instant Classic!

Awayuki Japanese Strawberry Gin Won Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Awayuki Strawberry-infused Gin is an instant classic! A rich and flavorful Japanese gin made from a base of sugarcane, juniper berries – and infused with the world’s most expensive pink and white strawberries. All this decadence, and it’s surprisingly affordable! 

Twist the cap to reveal the aroma of precious, pink and white Awayuki strawberries and succulent red Kotoka strawberries as they release from this beautifully shaped bottle reminiscent of an expensive perfume. 

Have you ever tried one of these fancy Japanese strawberries? The natural flavor of these luscious strawberries are harvested with careful attention to detail at the peak of ripeness, for a richer, more vibrant flavor that balances perfectly with the earthy tones of juniper and other botanicals.   

Grown in Japan’s Nara Prefecture––the birthplace of Japanese culture––only one farm is licensed to produce these delectable strawberries in each market, and those farms are strictly managed. The strawberries that emerge have a beautiful sweet flavor, rich aromatics and a striking glossy color. 

The cultivation of “Awayuki” and “Pearl Whites” started about 5 years ago on what was originally a rose farm. Pink and white strawberries are rare in the world and have an incredible scent and beautiful flavor. 

How does this super-premium Japanese gin get made with these uber expensive strawberries, you ask?  A friend of the farmer, the purveyor of Awayuki gets to keep all the slightly misshapen ones for the gin.      

New York City

Try Awayuki Gin with tonic and a garnish of strawberries or in a classic gin martini
Awayuki Gin Fizz is a spin on the Ramos Gin Fizz. @Perkana NYC restaurant bar and lounge
Awayuki Gin Fizz is a spin on the Ramos Gin Fizz. @Perkana NYC restaurant bar and lounge



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